About The TrueTyme App

What is TrueTyme?

“sun tyme / moon tyme / your time”

“An easy to use clock for those looking to get reacquainted with the rhythm & flow of natural time.

Well-being is something we can all get behind. And let’s face it, feeling good has a lot to do with time.

How we perceive it, interact with it, & our flow within it can make or break our mood. And we all know what can happen to our day or night when a bad mood can set in.

TrueTyme is not just a clock it’s the beginning of a new way of living. With this app you can track your mood based on six combinations of sun time, moon time, & clock time. This revolutionary app also comes with a customizable mood journal for those looking to increase their creativity, productivity, or just about anything else you wish to get a better understanding of.

TrueTyme is the future of how we will begin to naturally flow in time.

Come join other early adaptors in the shift toward a better era, try TrueTyme today for free. Now available in the Google Play store.
Help fund the development of the TrueTyme IOS version for the Iphone & IPad by going to truetyme.org for more information.

TrueTyme: sun tyme, moon tyme, your time, improved.